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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hangar Steak Restaurant

Don't you love when you randomly try a restaurant because you had a gift certificate, and that restaurant turns out to be fantastic? I feel like we hit the jackpot when we discovered Hangar Steak in Burlingame.
It's got planes!
Well, okay, Hangar Steak overlooks the runway to San Francisco Airport so technically it doesn't have planes, but it does have a really cool backdrop that will keep you and your kids entertained throughout your meal.
I stumbled upon Hangar Steak last year when I was planning mine and my husband's Anniversary dinner, and wanted to use our gift certificate. I chose it because I love steak, and I thought that watching planes would be kind of fun. I was impressed enough with my meal that I brought guests back for their Easter buffet, and when it came time to plan our Anniversary dinner this year, when our son would be accompanying us, Hangar Steak was our #1 choice.

The lanterns are pretty cool, aren't they? The hostess told us they are from Restoration Hardware, if you are looking for them.

I chose to start my meal with a shrimp cocktail. I knew that my main course would be pretty heavy, so I wanted something light to start. Hangar's Shrimp Cocktail is served alongside a cocktail sauce and some lime wedges.

Brian chose a Caesar Salad and it came topped with anchovies and tomatoes, and was served with a crostini. I tried a small bite and it was pretty tasty - it had lots of garlic and tons of flavour from the anchovies. 

I just couldn't help but get the same dish that I had the first time I was here - surf and turf. I can't pass up  lobster and my favorite cut of meat is a Filet Mignon. My steak was seasoned and cooked perfectly - slightly charred on the outside with lots of salt, and rare on the inside. It was soft like butter! The lobster was sweet and plump. I was pushing the limits on fullness after this, but it was worth it.

Brian chose the New York Strip. He usually passes on the beef, but this was a special occasion!

They tried to give our son a kid's menu, and while he happily accepted the crayons and the lemonade, he quickly shot down all of the meals, asking instead for steak. Hangar was great and totally accommodated him, serving him a portion of strip steak along with fries to give him his requested "Steak Frites." And they only charged him the kid's meal price.